all fandoms have that one fucking overused quote that is on 99.9% of the edits 




Everybody knows the pain of shopping for a decent pair of jeans, and the even greater pain of losing a really good pair to a hole in the crotch.  Sewing torn denim back together is not a thing that nature intended, because the world is a dark, cruel place.

But I wasn’t gonna stand for that! I’m playing God, I thought. I’m fixing these jeans, and the laws of nature can go fuck themselves. And then it worked.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Buy some Shoe Goo from your local CVS or something.  It’s pretty cheap and you can glue basically anything with it.  I glue the soles of my shoes back on with this stuff.
  2. Sacrifice some mistake jeans to make a patch, and glue that patch to the inside of your jeans.  Glue it down real good.  Do this in a well-ventilated area because Shoe Goo is toxic stuff until it dries.
  3. Let it cure for 24 hours, and then put your jeans back on and flip God the bird, because you have just performed a miracle.  You have saved your favorite jeans from certain garbage-canning.

One tube of glue is enough to save a lot of jeans, plus some shoes on the side.  The patch holds up pretty well in the washer/dryer, and is only a little stiffer than two layers of denim would be anyway.  Boom.

i threw out a pair of jeans that had worn through right on the butt and to this day i’m still sad



karezi, gomen


N41L3D 1T


*wakes up from long coma* *rubs eyes* what kidz bop are we on


Me as a doctor: This patient is down with the sickness


When your teacher puts their hand on your shoulder


'you shouldn't eat that it's too fattening/full of calories'

*proceeds to eat both food and person*